Artist Statement

Art critics and historians have issued names and titles to different periods and groups in the history of art. However, I believe the job of the artist changed and has remained the same since the coming of the photograph. Because of the camera, contemporary art needs to do more than merely document how the world looks. It is the job of the artist to create composition and/or to remark on something beyond the reach of the camera. Contemporary art either involves a conceptual idea and/or well developed formal elements. The contemporary artist creates what is in his or her mind! We have more to offer than a machine.

Geoff Sallay 2014

Geoff Sallay - Artist, Graphic and Web Designer


Kent State University: School of Art - Kent, OH

Bachelor of Fine and Professional Arts
Major: Fine Art Painting
Minor: Fine Art Sculpture

Lorain County Community College - Elyria, OH

Associate of Arts
Major: Psychology
Minor: General

Technical Proficiency

Strong Proficiency and Work Experience Creating Compositions for Visual Appeal
Strong Work Experience Raw Coding HTML and Cascading Stylesheets
Thorough understanding of HTML tables, frames and iframes
Working knowledge of Flash Media, Dynamic HTML and JavaScript
Strong Work Experience Designing and Setting up Joomla CMS based websites
Strong Work Experience with Data Entry and Database Management
Thorough understanding of Windows / MAC OSs and related applications
Strong Proficiency for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, etc.)
Strong Work Experience using HTTP, FTP, and Web Related Applications
Strong Proficiency for Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver
A+ Trained in Computer Diagnostics and Repair
Mastery of traditional rendering skills: Drawing, Painting and Sculpture
Thorough understanding of:

1 and 2 point perspective
Additive and subtractive color mixing
Color theory
Human and animal anatomy
Wood, steal, and plaster construction methods
Black and White photography
Printmaking Techniques: Wood cut and Intaglio


Kent State University - Kent, OH

Kent Blossom Art:
Painting Workshop – Summer 2006
Visiting Artists: Diana Cooper, Bruce Pearson

New York Trip:
Trip to NY Galleries, Museums, and studios - Fall 2005
Modern painting in New York

Kent Blossom Art:
Painting Workshop – Summer 2005
Visiting Artist: Joe Fife

New York Trip:
Trip to NY Galleries, Museums, and studios - Spring 2005
Richard Tuttle & Elizabeth Murry


Solo Exhibitions

2006 Fragments
Kent State University Gallery - Kent, OH

2009 Fragments of Fall
Waterloo 7 Gallery - Cleveland, OH

Group Exhibitions

2005 Cold Storage
Akron Ice House - Akron, OH

Commissioned Artwork

Reflection, 2011 (Dip-tic)
Created for patron John Turza

Hand Painted Interior border at “Spano’s” Bar in Ravenna, Oh, 2007
Created for patron John Spano

A.L.E.X., 2007
Created for patron Nick Roth

Lotus, 2007
Created for patron Benjamin Pritchard

Flowers, 2005
Created for patron Benjamin Pritchard

Artist Information Publications Affiliated Galleries

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